It lets you determine whether a logged-in user has enough data defined in a section. It comprises 2 parts:

  • Check if data need to be completed.
  • If they need to be completed, show the user an appropriate interface.

This flow is handled using 2 calls to 2 methods.

Step 1: Check if data need to be completed

To check if a user needs to complete the data for a specific section, a call has to be made to the DRUID API with the following data:

Endpoint URL:

 GET https://{}/user/api

Request parameters

w.sectionThe entry point about which you want to ask.string
fFor this case, this parameter must be set to UserMeta string
sFor this case, this parameter must be set to needsToCompleteData string
oauth_token access_token of the logged userstring

Request example


Step 2: Call to the complete account endpoint

If they need to be completed (needsToCompleteData = true), the user has to be asked to complete them. All the parameters have to be appropriately coded. It is constructed in a similar way to the data editing. Please refer to the edit account method in order to construct the appropiate URL.