It’s an authentication method that prevents having to ask the user for the password time and time again. This way, a user who’s logged in to doesn’t have to log in again to

This is done by using cookies. As the main authentication mechanism is OAuth2, a way of exchanging the shared session (the session cookies) for an access_token is required.

This is achieved through a POST to the authorization endpoint, using the parameter grant_type=urn:com.druid:oauth2:grant_type:exchange_session and sending all the cookies from the user’s browser.

Once the access_token has been obtained, it’s no longer necessary to start the authorization process and the APIs can be accessed immediately.

Endpoint URL:

 POST https://{}/oauth2/token

Request parameters

grant_typeThe value must be set to urn:com.druid:oauth2:grant_type:exchange_sessionstring
client_idIdentifier of the client application.string
client_secretSecret of the client application.string
oauth_tokenThe user token to be exchangedstring

cURL Request example