You have to call this method when you want to delete an existing user in DRUID.

Please, read first to learn about Oauth2 protocol and the meaning of each token, and to know how to obtain the token needed to perform this operation.

Scope needed for obtain token is delete

Warning! Auchtung!

This operation can not be undone

This method is not done on behalf of the user, so you don´t need to use access token, so user is not logged in your side to perform deletion, which implies that any error in the programming will result in the elimination of a bunch of users that will never be recovered.

Endpoint URL:

POST https://{}/activityid/v1/user/delete

Request parameters

AuthorizationBearer ${challenge_code_token}

Literal text Bearer followed by challenge_code_token that is the token obtained from /oauth2/token endpoint

FromId of the entry pointstringyes
Accept-LanguageLanguage of this requestLocaleno

Query string parameters

code_verifierThe code verifier for the PKCE request, that the app originally generated before the authorization request, as defined in …stringyes

Request example

actor.idapp_id of the application you are using to log userstringyesapp id
actor.objectTypeType of the object which represents the actor.stringyes‘application’
verbVerb used for create userstringyes‘create’
object.objectTypeObjectType represents the userstringyes‘user’
object.passwordPassword of the user. it must be send plainstringyesuser password
object.idsUser identifiers. More info about user identifiers User Infostructyesstruct
object.datasUser datas. More info about user datas User Infostructyesstruct
object.assertionsStruct that defines legalities manage by the user. More info about user assertions User Infostructyesstruct
source.idType of device doing the activitystringyes‘unknown’ | ‘pc’ | ‘mobile’ | ‘tablet’ | ‘game_console’ | ‘itv’
source.objectTypeType of sourcestringyes‘device’

Response examples

Response: user in process of deletion

Response: Errors in request