JSON structure that represents all info related with a DRUID user. The structure is definde according Activity Strems Schema definition, more info there.

idUser internal identifieryesstring
objectTypeObjectType representing the useryes‘user’
createdOnDate when user was createdyestimestamp
app_idApp identifier where the user was registeredyesstring
entrypoint_idEntrypoint identifier where the user was registeredyesstring
confirmedConfirmed status of the user: if true, user has confirmed at least one identifier, so we know that is a ‘real’ personyesboolean
idsDynamic list of user identifiers (more undocumented identified could be retrieved)yes (at least one identifier is mandatory)array
ids.national_idStruct that defines national id of usernostruct
ids.national_id.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_id’
ids.national_id.displayNameIdentifier namenostring
ids.national_id.valueNational id valueyesstring
ids.national_id.confirmedUser has confirmed that really is the owner of national idnoboolean
ids.phone_numberStruct that defines mobile number of usernostruct
ids.phone_number.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_id’
ids.phone_number.displayNameIdentifier namenostring
ids.phone_number.valueMobile number of useryesstring
ids.phone_number.confirmedUser has confirmed that really is the owner of mobile number (via SMS/MMS)noboolean
ids.screen_nameStruct that defines screen name of user (aka nick)nostruct
ids.screen_name.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_id’
ids.screen_name.displayNameIdentifier namenostring
ids.screen_name.valueScreen name of useryesstring
ids.screen_name.confirmedUser has confirmed that really is the owner of screen namenoboolean
ids.emailStruct that defines email of user nostruct
ids.email.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_id’
ids.email.displayNameIdentifier namenostring
ids.email.valueEmail of useryes^([_A-Za-z0-9-+]+(.[_A-Za-z0-9-]+)*@[A-Za-z0-9-]+(.[A-Za-z0-9]+)*(.[A-Za-z]{2,}))$
ids.email.confirmedUser has confirmed that really is the owner of email (via email)noboolean
datasDynamic list of user datas (more undocumented identified could be retrieved)noarray
datas.birthdayStruct that defines birthday os usernostruct
datas.birthday.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_data’
datas.birthday.displayNameData namenostring
datas.birthday.valueBithday of useryesdd/mm/yyyy
Struct that defines twitter of usernostruct
Type of elementyes‘user_data’
Data namenostring
datas.twitter.valueTwitter of useryes@string
datas.genderStruct that defines the gender of usernostruct
datas.gender.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_data’
datas.gender.displayNameData namenostring
datas.gender.valueGender of useryes‘1’ (Female) | ‘2’ (Male)
Struct that defines another and unconfirmed user emailnostruct
Type of elementyes‘user_data’

Data namenostring
datas.other_email.valueUser’s another emailyes^([_A-Za-z0-9-+]+(.[_A-Za-z0-9-]+)*@[A-Za-z0-9-]+(.[A-Za-z0-9]+)*(.[A-Za-z]{2,}))$
datas.companyStruct that defines company of usernostruct
datas.company.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_data’
datas.company.displayNameData namenostring
datas.company.valueCompany name of the useryesstring
datas.company.publicCompanyIf is public companyyesboolean
datas.company.faxCompany fax of the usernostring
datas.company.phoneCompany phone of the usernostring
datas.positionStruct that defines position of usernostruct
datas.position.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_data’
datas.position.displayNameData namenostring
datas.position.valuePosition of the useryesstring
Struct that defines geo scope of user positionnostruct
Type of elementyes‘user_data’

Data namenostring
datas.geo_scope.valueUser’s position geo scopeyes‘1’ (Global) | ‘2’ (European) | ‘3’ (National) | ‘4’ (Regional) | ‘5’ (Local)
Struct that defines non mobile phone of usernostruct
Type of elementyes‘user_data’
datas.phone.valueNon mobile phone of usernostring
Data namenostring
datas.webStruct that defines web url of user nostruct
datas.web.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_data’
Data namenostring
datas.web.valueWeb url of useryesstring
Struct that defines surname of usernostruct
datas.surname.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_data’
Data namenostring
datas.surname.valueSurname of useryesstring
datas.nameStruct that defines name of usernostruct
datas.name.objectTypeType of elementyes‘user_data’
datas.name.displayNameData namenostring
datas.name.valueName of useryesstring
Struct that defines fax of usernostruct
Type of elementyes‘user_data’
Data namenostring
datas.fax.valueFax of the useryesstring
Struct that defines blog url of usernostruct
Type of elementyes‘user_data’

Data namenostring
datas.blog.valueBlog url of the useryesstring
Struct that defines other phone of usernostruct
Type of elementyes‘user_data’

Data namenostring
datas.other_phone.valueOther phone of the useryesstring
assertionsStruct that defines legalities manage by the useryesstruct
assertions.itemsArray of assertionsyesarray
assertions.items.objectTypeType of elementyes‘assertion’
assertions.items.typeType of assertionyesstring
assertions.items.typologyAssertion typololgy referenceyesstring
assertions.items.mandatoryDefine if assertion is mandatory: user MUST accept assertions that are mandatoryyesboolean
assertions.items.valueAssertion value for the useryesboolean
assertions.totalItemsNumber os assertions manage by the useryesint
typologiesUser typologies assignedyesarray string
locationLocation data of the usernostruct
location.objectTypeType of elementyes‘place’
location.addressA physical address of the locationyesstruct
location.address.streetAddressThe street address including house number, street name, P.O. Box, and extended multi-line address informationyesstring
location.address.localityThe city or localityyesstring
location.address.regionThe id of state or regionyesstring
location.address.postalCodeThe zip or postal codeyesstring
location.address.countryThe country iso codeyesstring
objectIdUser ID auto generated by DRUID. Its neccesary to refer to this user in API callsyesstring