Notice: Your site will use Java, PHP, or .Net technology? Have a look at our SDK´s in order to have a rich set of fetures for accessing these APIs.  By removing the need to manage access tokens manually, the SDK greatly simplifies the process of authentication and authorizing users and apps for your project.


In order to have access to User API, you must have permits on the following authorization layers:

  • You will have  app credentials (client ID and client secret).  You can create app credentials for your site via DRUID cockpit.
  • The app credentials must be active.
  • The app credentials must be authorized to obtain application tokens via client_credentials mechanism (see permissions tab in apps configuration).
  • The app must be authorized to access User API resource server (see perrmissions tab in apps configuration)


The User API is used so that applications integrated with DRUID can consult the personal data of the user logged actually in your integration

Endpoint URL

POST https://{}/activityid/public/v1/user/me

Response json example