An Identity Management platform designed for marketers to consolidate all consumer data, activities, social information and UX at any digital touchpoint integrated.

DRUID is ready to be used by company agencies in all digital channels that require consumer identification and normalized data acquisition.

Our cross-platform vision:

Identity & Activity

Consolidate all consumer data, activities, user experience and social information of your digital channels.

User oriented

Data gathering and unified experience for all your sites and apps.

Compliant & secure

With systems, technologies, policies & methodologies.

Quality & service

Agile integration. Easy setup. Minimum on-boarding. Strong service support & process.

Configure more, develop less

Add fast, flexible, reusable and scalable identity management to your site in minutes.

Hosted anywhere

Choose Saas, your server or your cloud. No matter where you want it.

Identity manager

Discover the core functionalities of the authentication system.

  • Theming

    Assign a theme based on your brand, site or user typologies.

  • Multi country

    Fully available for each country and language requirements.

  • Help center

    A set of troubleshooting flows ready to use.

  • Identity channels

    Create registration forms using SMS or Email as main communication channel.

The cockpit

The tool designed to configure, operate and analyze your whole DRUID digital ecosystem.

  • Apps

    View and manage integrated apps and configure them.

  • User management

    Tools designed to manage user lifecycle and sociodemographic info and give support for all the related incidents.

  • Global configuration

    You can manage the global configuration of your DRUID instance, for example, social credentials, functional behavior…

  • Administration

    Create Operators, create roles, assing roles to permissions, audit user actions and lock/unlock users.

  • Catalogs

    Properties, brands, agencies… manage relevant and related information of your apps and sites with ease.


Unified and qualified consumer knowledge and reports from all your digital actions.

  • single view

    Explore an unified view of the user info including all the data collected by DRUID: demographics, social information, activities, user typologies…

  • Sociodemographics

    All your database information inside a single dashboard: registered users per day, communicable users, cancelled accounts, provinces, gender…

  • User interactions

    Every user interaction is properly associated with its relevant data: interaction type, devices, brands, associated site, promotion…


Choose the most suitable SDK for your app or site.


Java SDK




Access to the core functionalities of DRUID identity manager.

  • Authorization API

    Designed under oAuth 2 protocol which minimizes the integration efforts.

  • Search User API

    A powerful query-based tool to get the personal data of the users registered in the database.

  • Registration API

    Add full customization of the registration flows using registration API.

  • Profile Picture API

    Add and retrieve profile images of registered users, fully integrated with linked social networks.