Multi country

DRUID is fully available for each country and language requirements

Restrict access based on user country

Restricting user DRUID access by register country.

Internationalization for text and images

Texts, looks and feel of screens, data message validation, authorization messages.

User country asignation

User country assignation in function of register app country. Configure at Cockpit tool app managment.

Data validation based on user country

Validation of user data for each country of the integrated app

Country based legalities

Management legalities depending on the country of the integrated app

PII catalogs by country

User data catalogs values by country of the app integrated.

Optin by country

Communications with the user customized by country.

Forms data fields by country

User data fields available, configurable by country.

API access and filtering by country

API access controlled by country. Data segmentation in function of country.