DRUID’s SDKs enables developers to implement a rich set of server-side functionality for accessing DRUID’ API. With these SDKs you can implement a DRUID integration in a few hours. SDKs are wrapping all oAuth process, and mostly all the API calls needed to integrate with DRUID. Dismissing the need to manage access tokens manually, the SDK greatly simplifies the process of authentication and authorizing users for your app. SDK enables implementig operations as a Client (app integrated with DRUID), such as getting Client’s credentials, obtaining Users’ Data, and operations as a User, such as checking logged user, log-in user… We’ve published all of the SDK methods with examples ready to use. It will help you once you’ve downloaded the SDK to check how everything should work in your integration. You have the source code of the examples available for download. Find below the available SDKs most suitable for your needs.




Java SDK