The library automatically manages all the user OAuth mechanisms between the users and your apps. The Identity class will:

  • Read and use all the configuration done and needed for your site, such as API endpoints, credentials…
  • Ensure the library always have an client token valid and not expired to perform other calls
  • Check whether the access token (user token) is valid or not and not expired
  • Refresh the tokens in case of expired
  • Exchange shared sessions to obtain Single Sign On
  • Optimize API calls using caches

All these OAuth 2 authorization and autentication mechanisms are proudly resumed for your easyness in  Identity::isConnected();  method.

Example: check if the user is connected

The Identity class manages the login status of the user. As soon as the Identity class is initiated with Identity::init(); you can invoke it.

Complete example

Find below how your entire page should appear. The example is consulting whether the user is connected or not.