The library comes with a log management system to be able to follow the operation and  carry out the integration issues more easily,  basically two log files are created.

These files are saved in a folder whose path is defined in the libcokeid.ini file, in the LOG_PATH value. By default, this value is set to  /logs/default They will be at the same level as the cokeid library and the caché folder.

  • gid-last-request.log: All the information is saved in this file by request. Its content is overwritten in each page request.
  • gid-all-requests.log: All of the information will be saved in this file sequentially, with a limit of 10MB in 5 files.
IMPORTANT: the logs folder must not be in a public place accessible via URL, the same as the app configuration file. This folder must have write persmissions and its content must NOT be propagated when an upload to a test or production.
The log level of your application can be also configured in gid.ini file
You can also output log files anywere from your application using the following: