A CRM solution needs to have a correct identification of the users it manages, without silos and without duplications and in an automated way. This is where Customer Identification and Access Management (CIAM) solutions bring strategic and cross-cutting value, performing early identity resolution from first contact (lead) to account conversion with login capability. They are the gateway and user management, the master of all contacts coming from all channels and that must be made available to CRM systems for segmentation and efficient exploitation.

This priority in the process is the basis of what is known as the Identity First strategy, a strategy that we at DruID champion. For this reason we have just launched our new native connector with Hubspot that will help handle many of the issues that data-driven companies have, such as data cleansing, identity unification and consent management or privacy regulations.

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform used for lead tracking, sales and customer service through inbound methodology. That is, based on driving conversion during the journey through valuable content and executing campaigns through landings, emailing, automation, etc.

Native connector capabilities


  • Synchronize users from DruID to Hubspot in real time. If a user updates their data, completes a data completion or deletes their contact this process will be done automatically from DruID to Hubspot.
  • From the administration tool you can configure the connector so that you can choose which DruID fieldsare synchronized as Hubspot properties.
  • You will be able to select which DruID consents are managed as Hubspot subscriptions.
  • Update in real time the permissions that users manage from DruID to Hubspot (opt-in, opt-out etc.).

Connector benefits

Using DruID as your identity layer you can capture, secures and manage the identity of your (potential) leads and accounts with login capabilities, to synchronize them in real time with Hubspot.


Target much more efficiently, with 1st party data of high quality, allowing for greater accuracy of campaigns triggered from Hubspot.


Optimize strategies by preparing and transforming data from different sources for activation, dramatically increasing ROI.

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Connector Volume II:

In the short term we are already developing version 2 of the connector. Not only is the identity shared in real time, but also all activity performed by users at different touch points can be measured, standardized and shared..

This means a competitive advantage by having not only declared data, but also information about their behavior, what we call “beats“: viewing content, buying, recommending, posting, logging in, confirming account…

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