Enhances the acquisition and activation  of constrong users,   FACEBOOK LEAD ADS & CUSTOM AUDIENCES

The native integration of DRUID with Facebook Custom Audiences y Facebook Lead Ads will help to optimize your user acquisition and activation strategies in both la inversion and ROI.

Nowadays, the knowledge about our users (ie: consumers, employees, stakeholders, tenants, influencers…) is key to offer them relevant experiences, contents, products or services according to their tastes and preferences. The effort is high, so it is essential to control and optimize to the maximum the actions, processes and investments made both in acquisition and activation.

Throughout the process there are several important challenges, such as avoiding impact our registered user base with information that is not interesting to you or excluding our already registered audience from acquisition campaigns. The main objective is to get the most out of the investment and for that, it is essential to have developed agile processes and be able to share information legally and securely with Facebook.

Facebook Custom Audiences

The native integration of Facebook Custom Audienceswith DruID is key to ensure a deep management of the investment and the ROI of acquisition and activation actions. The integration allows us to share users registered in DRUID securely as a filterto include or exclude audiences within ad campaigns or retargeting.

By joining Facebook Custom Audiences with DRUID you will be able to take full advantage of your 1st partydata to generate segments, lookalikes, reimpact small groups of registered users or carry out a campaign focused solely on acquisition, excluding your registered users.

Facebook Lead Ads

The use of Facebook Lead Adsis spreading more and more to increase the attraction of potential customers from the social network, but why not take advantage of this tool so that instead of leads are registered users and part of our 1st party data?

The native complete integration between DRUIDand Facebook Lead Ads and will help you to increase the attraction of already confirmed users within your DRUIDdatabase considerably, optimizing the CPL. This integration also ensure that your new users will be aligned with data protection regulation(GDPR).

Get to know a DruID’s success case with Facebook Leads Ads in Pernod Ricard Spain.

Acquisition. You will promote the user acquisition, avoiding the loss of capture opportunities, complying with all the data requirements in protection (GDPR) and storing the data in DRUID safely and with minimum effort.

Activation. There will be a positive impact over your activation campaigns by using your own registered users of your data base as a filter. So, you can define your segments and create the content and offers more relevant and that better fit with their tastes.

Optimization. It is key to have control over the campaign investments and users management. To obtain new records confirmed at lead cost, impact segments effectively and comply with regulation, is not a task, it is an obligation.

Optimize your campaigns is key to invest in enhancing the UX.


DRUID is the ideal solution to develop your omnichannel STRATEGY omni channel successfully. INTEGRATE your entire digital ecosystem, CONSOLIDATE your consumer information and CUSTOMIZE your experiences.

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