Digital Ecosystem Management and CONTROL Panel

The Cockpit or Admin Panel is designed to configure, operate, and analyze the entire digital ecosystem integrated with DRUID.

The Cockpit tool is the administration and management panel for DRUID where the data and access of the consumers and users are centralized, therefore, is the deployment point of the strategy omni channel. Act as a link to all the digital windows that make up the ecosystem of your company, product or service. In the Cockpit you can configure, view, operate and manage the entire environment safely,complying with regulations in privacy and data protection(GDPR).

The admin panel is crucial to manage data and integrations, make tests, enquirers, modify user data, and approve critical releases involving third-party vendors or agencies. In addition, it is the engine that audits the activity of consumers and agencies, ensuring that the processes are complied with and that any query can be resolved with guarantees.


Independently manage and integrate each new point of contact, agency, app and website that is part of your company’s digital ecosystem without the need for advanced technical knowledge. More configuration, less code.

It manages all the data of your consumers, their activity with brands, access to contact points, location, transactions, behaviors and provides the best support on any integration or incident.

Manage your DRUID platform globally and personally by creating operators, roles, permissions, apps, integrations,terms and conditions of your actions, as well as blocking users in a safe, agile and simple way.

own your ecosystem,
visualize it and walk to success


DRUID is the ideal solution to develop your omnichannel STRATEGY omni channel successfully. INTEGRATE your entire digital ecosystem, CONSOLIDATE your consumer information and CUSTOMIZE your experiences.

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