Enrich your users’ knowledge with the benefits of CONSUMER DNA

With the  advanced   qualification you will understand and get to know consumers better that will help you to provide better services and appropriate experiences and content.

Get your users to contribute valuable information,beyond even your personal data, is a genuine challenge to be raised keeping in mind aspects related to data processing, user experience, standardization of responses and, above all, considering the rewards that users deserve for sharing some of their privacy with us.

DRUID incorporates an advanced qualification system for research and enrichment of user profiles. This module could be used for the identified user and can be turned on or off is only in those ecosystem points that are relevant. In this way, all the data obtained is associated at the consumer profile increasing our knowledge and ability to customize content, promotions or offers and make them truly relevant.

Scalable You have the ability to define the Question and Answer Tree that fits your advanced qualification needs. DRUID incorporates a multitude of predefined response types (sliders, stars, bars, free text, balls…) that make it easy to start up.

UX. This module is natively integrated with DRUID and this guarantee the perfect mobile adaptability. Detailed and designed with effects carefully to make the response rates magnificent,enhancing the experience and making the user be comfortable with the data you share.

Sustainable. The question tree is flexible and can be adapted as many times as needed. Our integrated model avoids subsequent cost overruns for every consumer response. In this way, we do not penalize the cost of qualification and can be raised with strategic vision.

The best experience starts with the best knowledge of your consumers


DRUID is the ideal solution to develop your RELATIONAL omni-channel STRATEGY successfully. INTEGRATE your entire digital ecosystem, CONSOLIDATE your consumer information and CUSTOMIZE your experiences.

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