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Offer a secure and reliable identity management service for your brands. Integrating your ecosystem and getting to know your consumers better couldn’t be easier with DruID.


Know in detail all the the transactions that your consumers make. The contact point in which they have registered, what are the terms and conditions that have been accepted, if the registration is confirmed or not, even the geolocation from where they performed the action and their IP address… among others. This control is available for the appropriate users that have access to Management Cockpit. They are able to knowthe activities performed by each role, changes made on the registration data, permissions granted and all the relevant information necessary for an audit of your digital environment.


Deep analysis and interpretation of the behavior and habits of your consumers throughout their entire life cycle and throughout your digital ecosystem; websites, e-commerce and apps among others. The main goal is to reach a good positioning for your brand and deploy offers that let the preferences about your products and services increase. It is no longer just enough to know who your customers are, now it is necessary to exploit the data to the maximum and obtain indicators that will allow you to deploy personalizedoffers and services.


Unify and centralize the data storage of your consumers in DRUID safely, preserving all traceability of their activities at the different touch points of your ecosystem. The information regarding the integrations of each points will be storage safely. It complies with all the requirements associated with the privacy and data protection of your consumers, as set out in the European Regulations and the Personal Data Protection Act. It offers a value and safe service to the consumer respecting their privacy.


The federated identity system is defined to enhance the experience of your consumers, giving them the ease of accessing any point of contact in the digital ecosystem with the same credentials, without the need to start a new session or forcing them to to complete a new registration. This is crucial when a consumer navigates between different windows no matter if they are other brands or allies within your ecosystem.


This feature ensures that we always have up-to-date consumer data. Any changes applied to their social media profile information (status, interests, likes or even hobbies) will be updated accordingly. DRUID makes all of this possible working according an access methodology based on permissions,so the end user must always approve access to their data, respecting its privacy and complying with current legislation on data protection.


Using the Cockpit Management tool you can manage all the roles and types of operators you want for DRUID and based on the model that better fits your company. Roles will consist of specific permissions and are assigned to third-party agency operators (called integrators). In this way, we ensure absolute monitoring of the activities of the integrators and have control data.


This feature is consumer and focused on increasing the conversion rate from any digital point of contact. Progressive consumer profiling through data completion,is intended for the controlled enrichment of the profile justified by an exchange of values between the two parties, the consumer and the mark. The consumer completes his profile and the brand gives him something in consideration. Avoid being invasive at the initial moment of registration and maintain a constant communication with the consumer based on an interesting offer.


DRUID is a consolidated product based on multiple international projects, so it has the ability to adapt to different languages and markets, restricting access to users by country, internationalizing images and texts, validating for each territory, managing Terms and Conditions, forms, social networks, specific typologies and having segmented and filtered data for each application area when integrating through the API.


With DRUID consumers will benefit from a premium data and profile management service, as all the necessary information will be available to respond immediately to any incident, request for information or low. This ensures that we respond quickly to requests and to acomplissh the current legislation on the personal data protection.


With DRUID we can monitor all the activity of your audiences within the digital ecosystem. All this information can be interpreted in metrics whose analysis will allow to assign a status to the consumer or an economic value, scoring all its interactions and impacts, such as: Shares or Likes,comments, content, participation in promotions, surveys, purchases… among many others. To the capaciticy of monitoring is added the power to geolocate actions, then you have the perfect ingredients to design offers and personalized communications in RT (Real Time) or NRT (Near Real Time).

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