Identifyyour fans once and offer them the WHOLE Club

A sports club is an incredible blend of talents, experiences and passions. Your fans are outstanding. Get to know them deeply and offerthem everything they deserve.


Is not easy to manage the information and identity of the fans of a sport club Especially when there are multiple segments with specific problems such as partners, fans, opportunists, interested parties or simply haters. In this sector, physical and digital ecosystems are complex, tend to have historical inefficiencies and bring together multiple windows of contact with the consumer such as: the subscriber management system, ticket offices, club and player websites, mobile applications, social networks, e-commerce, stadium catering services, shops, membership club, etc.

It is in this complex scenario where DRUID moves like a “fish in the water”, solves key problems and lays the right foundations to deploy strategies based on truly relevant content. You have to help the fan to know and consumeall the services offered and filling the stadium


Positioning DRUID as the unique identification system at all points of contact is a strategic decision for the club and the first step towards recurrent activation of all followers.

Imagine a fully integrated system, with unique access for your audiences to all services, with the ability to track their activity and degree of interest in your points of contact and with the power to deliver incentives, discountsand promotionsfrom the same platform. DRUID’s versatility allows you to quickly and easily integrate existing digital windows, as well as new ones in the future, by each one of your suppliers and to develop a controlled project according to the rhythms that your club needs.

This decision will allow you to work the data from another point of view, knowing the true economic value of your followers and their growth potential. It will provide you with the ability to extract high value information about the interests of your users, their tastes and hobbies, undoubtedly, the basis for the definition of new services that you must offer in the future.



Find out how DRUID helps strengthen the club’s relationship with its followers.


Generate your own subscription forms with the fields you need for each action and change them in real time. It links different types of forms to each type of user (subscribers, fans, partners) and controls all points of contact from DRUID: websites, wi-fi, POS, mobile app, tickets, tours … and of course, f complies with current legislation on data protection (GDPR).


Take advantage of social connectors to improve the UX of your fans during registration. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram or the network you need for each capture window. Simplifies the registration process and complements the monitoring data with social profiles.


Unequivocal identify your users and create 360 profiles, enriched with all their activity in contact points and social networks. Analyzes data and groups profiles into segments that can be activated by means of specially designed offers. Activate, measure and optimize. Your quantitative and qualitative objectives will be achieved.


Allows your fans to register only once at any point in the ecosystem, and thus, can be identified in any of the digital windows available, with the advantage of retaining the session between different sites and domains. Improve the fans experience and simplify their life


Implement research models within your relationship with fans through simple questions that help you enrich their profiles and get to know them better. All the information captured is associated with the profiles, allowing you to customize content, promotions and make them truly relevant.


Take full advantage of native integration with Facebook Lead Ads and Custom Audiences to increase fan acquisition with new lead-cost registrations and optimize activation using your own registered user base. All are benefits, you will have more control and you will know the real return of your actions.


There are countless options to activate and encourage the relationship with your fans or users. From DRUID you will be able to create code packages that your users will use to redeem promotions, offers, experiences, tours or for tickets to events or the stadium. These codes will be associated with the identity of your users, so you will control at all times when and where they have been redeemed.


An aligned ecosystem requires an advanced command center. It centralizes the management and optimizes the processes. Take control of agency integrations, test and launch them, manage your users’ data and monitor their interactions. Deploy your strategy tightly controlled, be agile and avoid risks.


Ensure proactive compliance with European regulations on personal data protection (GDPR) and transmit confidence to your users by including DRUID in your strategy. Your DPO will have access to perform all necessary audits.


Completion of data. To progressively request information from your users. Editing data according to current legislation and allowing the updating of the profile in key actions. Multi-typology users management (fans, sponsors, players, etc.). Activity tracking at any point in the ecosystem. Theming and many more…



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