Offer SINGLE SIGN-ON and create connected experiences

Unify and simplify the consumers’ access to all your contact points with a single ID, taking advantage of Single Sign On.

With the Single Sign-On, your consumers can access to any contact point that forms the digital ecosystem of a brand, without having to re-enter their credentials. Single Sign-On functionality reduces abandonment rates significantly, improves the UX by simplifying transparent access, and increases average viewing times and content consumption.

With DRUID you can start offering an integrated UX in all your sites, regardless of the domain in which your offers and services are deployed. It will no longer be a problem to have an identified user on the blog and redirect them to the e-commerce platform without having to re-enter their credentials to buy the product. In addition, all activity will be monitored and associated with the consumer identifier.

It recognizes the user’s identity when browsing between contact points, simplifying the access and significantly improving the experience (UX). The same identity can be used when browsing between multiple sites or mobile applications of the brand.

You can safely end the session from any digital contact window and simultaneously this action will be replicated for the rest of the channels that are part of the ecosystem, taking advantage of a unique identity.

Make life easier for your consumers by eliminating fatigue in creating and resetting passwords and offering them a simple and secure authentication system and access to the ecosystem.

The secret for a lasting relationship is to care the small details


DRUID is the ideal solution to develop your omnichannel STRATEGY omni channel successfully. INTEGRATE your entire digital ecosystem, CONSOLIDATE your consumer information and CUSTOMIZE your experiences.

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