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Knowing the consumer’s behaviour is of vital importance in aspects related to positioning, development of products and services or choice of sales channels. But in addition, consumer behavior in a digital environment is leaving its mark, throwing values and data that allow developing strategies aimed at satisfying their desires, interests and needs.

In order to establish an intelligent relationship with consumers, it is not enough just to obtain data during the traditional registration process, such as for example: name, surname, age or email. There are numerous sources of information that can help enrich the profiles to understand more accurately, the tastes and preferences of consumers, and therefore generate more interesting and competitive proposals that place the brand or company within its select group of “preferential“.

This is why DRUID, as a key component within the intelligent relational strategy, has the ability to connect directly with third party platforms, so it is possible to identify the complete behavior of consumers within complex ecosystems, trace all interactions of interest and consolidate the data into a profile with transactional, declared and social activity among others.

This information is essential to infer behaviors and generate profiles that can be activated over time. In short, to establish lasting relationships in which both parties feel benefited.

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  • Taking advantage of the capabilities of social connectors to simplify the registration process by obtaining additional data with express consent.
  • Plotting and classifying interesting consumer interactions such as: viewing content, posting posts or comments, buying, booking, participating in promotions or sweepstakes … to name a few. Connecting DRUID with the Google 360 platform (Analytics & GTM) and associating events and tags to users.
  • Managing information in a standardized way so that it is translated into offers and content of value.
  • Having connectors to third party platforms such as ETL, Marketing Automation, Analytics or CRM among others and means of integration (APIs and SDKs) that make possible the safe and fluid exchange of information.
  • Offering support to clients who already have valuable technological investments that they want to reuse in the relational strategy.
  • Measuring the entire flow, from initial impact to final conversion, whether it is confirmation of a registration, purchase of a product, display of content or participation in an action. DRUID enables analysis of traffic entering the ecosystem, conversions from anonymous to records, and also incorporates third party footprints so that companies can adjust your media investments in real time.
  • Having the ability to re-impact leads obtained in previous actions or campaigns and convert them into legalized records that can be activated.


With DRUID it is possible to generate a strategic ecosystem that increases the contact, linkage, retention and profitability of your consumers, knowing their behavior, registering their activity and offering personalized contents. He continues to know the steps of an intelligent relational strategy:


DRUID is essential in strategies that set consumer activation targets whether Real Time (RT), Near Real Time (NRT) or try to predict consumer behavior to create intelligent conversations. Through knowledge, actions are personalized and unique experiences are offered. Profiles are enriched, results are analyzed, new trends are discovered and improved proposals can be drawn up for our audiences.



intelligent relational strategy is part of aligning the different contact points of the physical and digital ecosystem, ensuring an omnichannel experience that facilitates and strengthens the relationship of consumers with brands. In a progressive way, information is being acquired, which allows to know better the consumers to present them the contents, services, offers and experiences demanded taking advantage of the Moments of Truth (MoTs).


As a single identity and access management (CIAM) solution DRUID is key to the integration of complex multi-brand ecosystems, i.e. where there are many digital contact points, different types of users, brands, services, products, integrators, third-party agencies and regulations. Through traditional or social registration, DRUID offers the best user experience (UX), eliminates silos of information and avoids risks of non-compliance with regulations.



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