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DRUID is an essential part of any intelligent relational strategy that sets targets for the activation of RT (Real Time), NRT (Near Real Time) consumers or that attempts to predict consumer behaviour in order to anticipate the deployment of personalized offers and services.

Building connected personalized experiences is only possible when you have information; therefore, the starting point for personalization is the study of the information shared by consumers through the activities carried out in the physical and digital ecosystem.

However, this is not enough, the quality of the data is important. These must be understandable and interpretable, and in many cases the time or analytical resources necessary to deepen the information collected are not available.

Converting data into actionable knowledge is always a challenge in eCRM projects, that’s why DRUID provides omnichannel marketing platforms and services with standardized information they need to meet key business objectives such as: capture, conversion, retention, purchase and prescription.

In addition DRUID becomes the control center of the life cycle of consumers, ensuring the proper treatment of the processes of low and editing data that is possible to occur after activations. If you want to know more about your project, we like what we do and we want to share it with you.



  • Having business analysis tools to visualize and understand the information needed to predict consumer behavior. DRUID, due to its activity management capacity, becomes one of the main data sources for Intelligent Business platforms.
  • Defining correctly metrics and KPI’s, whose analysis will allow to grant a status to the behavior of the consumer, and even to assign economic values that help to establish the total value of the database. Shares or Likes, comments, promotions, voting, shopping, and much more… are interactions that together with geolocation, form the perfect recipe for the creation of connected experiences.
  • Identifying profiles and critical segments through aggregated data and characterized by qualitative variables such as: tastes, relational status, interests, preferred brands, purchase ticket or average activity level.
  • Reducing the time of integration and automatic exchange of data between systems and Marketing Automation solutions, so that the activations can be executed in the defined times.
  • Taking advantage of the windows of opportunity offered by users. DRUID helps drastically reduce the time needed to capture and interpret data, shortening periods of integration, testing and exchange of information between systems.
  • Recurrently measuring and analyzing the results of offers and campaigns, as well as the functioning of the components of the integrated ecosystem, in order to strengthen them and constantly improve the experiences.


With DRUID it is possible to generate a strategic ecosystem that increases the contact, linkage, retention and profitability of your consumers, knowing their behavior, registering their activity and offering personalized contents. He continues to know the steps of an intelligent relational strategy:


intelligent relational strategy is part of aligning the different contact points of the physical and digital ecosystem, ensuring an omnichannel experience that facilitates and strengthens the relationship of consumers with brands. In a progressive way, information is being acquired, which allows to know better the consumers to present them the contents, services, offers and experiences demanded taking advantage of the Moments of Truth (MoTs).


As a single identity and access management (CIAM) solution DRUID is key to the integration of complex multi-brand ecosystems, i.e. where there are many digital contact points, different types of users, brands, services, products, integrators, third-party agencies and regulations. Through traditional or social registration, DRUID offers the best user experience (UX), eliminates silos of information and avoids risks of non-compliance with regulations.


DRUID consolidates and unifies consumer data from all integrated contact points in the digital ecosystem. But not only those that come from the registry, but also those generated by transactional activity (ie: e-commerce) or from other data sources, in short, fundamental information to know better the behavior of consumers, which allows us to develop and position offers and actions and select the best channels of dissemination.


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