Integrate your digital ecosystem

Integrating and aligning the digital ecosystem is the first step within a intelligent relational strategy. Capture and identify our consumer, tracing their entire activity, ensuring the best user experience (UX), delete silos of information and avoid Risks from breaches of rules and regulations are key milestones that we must consider and evaluate.

A disintegrated complex digital ecosystem is characterized by its dispersion and lack of management; it is common to find scenarios formed by multiple websites, social networks or mobile applications, to name a few, that are managed by different brands and teams, and that offer diversity of products and/or services.

Within this framework, some services are managed locally and others internationally, generating silos of information, with a high risk of incurring technical or legal problems.

In addition, scenarios such as the above mean that companies cannot present offers that are consistent in time or an integrated user experience (UX), which results in wasted time, frustration in work teams and additional costs due to the lack of reuse of components, experiences and processes.

The conversion of leads to records is not guaranteed nor is it clearly measurable, and the actions that are taken to impact consumers often have a “throw away” perspective, with an expiration date.

If you want to know more about the integration of the digital ecosystem and how it enhances your customer-centric strategy, tell us about your project.



  • Relying on an intelligent relationship strategy in the medium to long term, always supported by a consumer-oriented corporate culture.
  • Identifying current and future points of contact and integrating them with a unique registration and identifier system (DRUID).
  • Teniendo la capacidad de parametrizar cada punto de contacto, de manera que se pueda requerir y validar datos concretos en cualquier momento y a través de registro tradicional o social login.
  • Knowing and rigorously managing the life cycle of consumers, respecting them and complying with the rules and regulations in force.
  • Simplifying the user experience (UX) by requesting the necessary information at the right time for your journey.
  • Giving the user the ability to manage their own information.
  • Providing the ecosystem with Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities to keep the session active within the ecosystem.
  • Having the necessary administrative tools so that each digital contact point managed by brands or departments can be integrated into the ecosystem quickly and securely.


With DRUID it is possible to generate a strategic ecosystem that increases the contact, linkage, retention and profitability of your consumers, knowing their behavior, registering their activity and offering personalized contents. He continues to know the steps of an intelligent relational strategy:


DRUID consolidates and unifies consumer data from all integrated contact points in the digital ecosystem. But not only those that come from the registry, but also those generated by transactional activity (ie: e-commerce) or from other data sources, in short, fundamental information to know better the behavior of consumers, which allows us to develop and position offers and actions and select the best channels of dissemination.


DRUID is essential in strategies that set consumer activation targets whether Real Time (RT), Near Real Time (NRT) or try to predict consumer behavior to create intelligent conversations. Through knowledge, actions are personalized and unique experiences are offered. Profiles are enriched, results are analyzed, new trends are discovered and improved proposals can be drawn up for our audiences.


intelligent relational strategy is part of aligning the different contact points of the physical and digital ecosystem, ensuring an omnichannel experience that facilitates and strengthens the relationship of consumers with brands. In a progressive way, information is being acquired, which allows to know better the consumers to present them the contents, services, offers and experiences demanded taking advantage of the Moments of Truth (MoTs).



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