Convert and identify your consumers with the potential of the SOCIAL LOGIN

Maximize the conversion rate of your customers by minimizing the entry barrier with just one click.

With Social Login you simplify the registration process, both for mobile and desktop users, speeding the process up and increasing conversion rates. Plus, with the potential of social networks, you’ll have access to permission-based identity data that will help you get to know your consumers better and give them better experiences across your digital ecosystem.

The implementation of DRUID as a unique identifier allows the use of social connectors and delegates to us the management and updating of these connectors, so that you can forget about the changes introduced by the strategies of social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Focus your efforts on developing relational strategies with your consumers and we take care of connecting and aligning all your digital windows.

Connections with Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and more. DRUID‘s social login is flexible and adaptable accepting any additional integration based on other protocols such as OAuth2.

With Social Login the registration steps are speeded up and the confirmation process by SMS or email can be avoided. Permission-based access requires the direct approval of users, who will be informed about the specific data to be accessed, respecting the law.

It will improve the quality of life of your consumers by saying bye!to access passwords. Also, information will always be kept up to date from social networks and centralized in DRUID, for all channels that are part of the ecosystem of your company.

From anonymous visitors to identified ones, with only click


DRUID is the ideal solution to successfully develop your RELATIONAL STRATEGY. INTEGRATE all your digital ecosystem, CONSOLIDATE the information of your consumers and CUSTOMIZE their experiences.

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