WE MANAGE PROFILES of your audiences to know them better

Get information from all your digital contact points and centralize it into a unified view.

The capability to Manage profiles will help you to consolidate all the data of your clients and users from any contact safely and complying with the requirements of Europe and and Spanish data protection regulation (GDPR)

DRUID enables you to have a consolidated view of each consumer’s information: sociodemographic data, social data, labels, habits and even information relating to the geolocalisation of interactions. Additionally, it is possible to export and import data to others systems or tools not only to enrich the customers profile but to provide them to departments such as Customer Service to identify and respond customers with the appropriate information, updated and complete.


Customers or consumers can have access to their private area where they can include additional data, modify their profile, connect with other social networks or even request the cancellation of their profile and the treatment of their data.

Each user is monitored so the system audits its registration point automatically, saving information relating to the registration web or app, the fields completed and the Terms and Conditions accepted.

Consumer data will be stored securely and updated so the profiles can be enriched to offer the best personalized offers.

Information and knowledge the keys to success!


DRUID is the ideal solution to develop your omnichannel STRATEGY omni channel successfully. INTEGRATE your entire digital ecosystem, CONSOLIDATE your consumer information and CUSTOMIZE your experiences.

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