A few years ago, Sevilla FC, through its CRM team led by Jara Cisneros, started a transversal and integral project whose objective was to establish lasting and direct relationships with its followers, and fans. The pillars on which the project was conceived were the following:

    • Alignment of all points of contact with its audiences
    • Unique identity for each user (customer identifiers)
    • Improved processes related with the management of the personal data of its fans, users and subscribers.
    • Intelligent, recurrent and profitable user activation in all channels

Today Sevilla FC has a fully integrated ecosystem and has managed to multiply by five (x5) its first party data made up not only of subscribers but also of fans and club supportersThere are several factors that have made it possible to reach these results and continue to rise steadily:

    • A solid, long-term strategy, focused on the relationship with the FAN
    • Consistent design and user experience across all touchpoints
    • A clear and strong message to the fans with the slogan “Una cuenta, todo el club” (“One account, the whole club”)
    • Multiple processes that increase user security and trust. Showing the Club respect for the personal information of its fans, and being proactive with regulations such as GDPR
    • Benefits, offers, promotions, experiences and special content for its followers, in multiple channels and with access through registration and login

The club, immersed in constant changes, improvements and innovation processes, is able to maintain a solid long-term strategy, relying on DruID as a service for identity management and user tracking in all its own channels. Thanks to DruID’s flexibility and ability to integrate with third-party systems, it is possible to identify and deliver a consistent experience across all touchpoints, regardless of the technology at each touchpoint. n this way, the club maintains the following environments integrated in a sustained and secure way:

After a complicated year for everyone, Sevilla FC faces, within the same strategy of alignment and identity, new challenges that will see the light of day in the coming months. Among them, it is worth highlighting: Among them, it is worth highlighting:

    • the integration of e-commerce with the fan’s unique identity
    • the consolidation of the profile of the fan, who is also a member of the club, through the identity, a process that will be carried out progressively throughout the season

In the medium and long term, the project scales with an ambitious vision of intelligent and personalised activation, based on the high quality first party data it manages and the immediacy of fan interactions, which are monitored in a precise and standardised way. A gateway to incorporate Machine Learning-based predictions and personalised and automated “Real Time” activation for each user. Almost nothing.

Congratulations to Sevilla F.C. It is a pleasure to work with you, team!


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